How Babies Are Made 1968 Time Life Books

Posted by Michelle , Monday, June 8, 2009 12:25 PM

Here's a fabulous book I found this week at a thrift store. Now- generally sex education books are a dime a dozen, but this one is so cool with it's cut out illustrations. Let's take a look together, at How Babies Are Made by Andrew C. Andry and Steven Scehpp and illustrated by Blake Hampton. This should be fun and educational to say the least...

Did you know you started out to be the size of a pencil? Me neither- maybe that's why your brothers always called you "pencil neck?" Go figure...

Here's a picture that shows it takes two animals to make a new baby animal, but did you ever wonder how your breakfast was made?

Oh my- here's how it was done-your scrambled eggs were made for you with love by chickens. Here's a picture of chicken love!

Here come the eggs. YUM YUM! I really understand Veganism now.

How about puppies? You like puppies, want to know how puppies are made? Check out this cute doggy family.

WHOA there buddy- that's a friendly puppy! Step away from the dog if it looks like this, kids. Frankly- this picture sums up why I am a "cat person" myself...

Let's just skip the dog part and get to the people part of the book... because what you really came here for is "How Babies Are Made."

Remember the two animals well- it takes two people. Two naked people (hey I used to look like that before I had five kids- sort of).

I hear Barry White music now...

Now here we see the baby growing inside it's mama- pretty cool stuff, eh?

After 9 months or so, the baby is ready to come out. Some babies sooner then others and some later- but here he comes. Come to think of it I have never seen a picture of a cleaner birth in my life. Looks easy- huh kids?

Well there is a little clean up- see that squiggly thing, that thing gets cut off. Be careful- doctor!

Here's the new baby with it's mama- isn't that sweet...

and here you are with all your friends. Now you know how babies are made. Put some clothes on kids!