A Spring Picnic of Vintage Avon Jewelry

Posted by Michelle , Wednesday, January 2, 2013 2:37 PM

The temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit where I am today. It's beautiful here by Lake Michigan, but I can't help but already think of warmer weather and spring. 

This morning was the first day of school, after Christmas break and while getting ready to face the cold chill outside, my son in the third grade asked his father, "when does winter end?"

My husband replied, "I think it ends at the end of June."

"Ummm- you forgot spring," I interjected.

Spring is actually a wonderful time in southeastern Wisconsin filled with flowers and warmer temperatures. Sometimes, though it seems like spring will never get here and that winter lasts forever- especially in the days right after Christmas is over.
Here are some of today's new listings in my ETSY store that have me in the mood for warmer weather and spring.

Vintage 1976 Avon Gilded Bird Pin

Vintage 1982 Avon Braided Twist Ring

Vintage 1982 Avon Flower Basket Pin

Vintage 1982 Avon Country Signs Bird of Happiness Necklace

Vintage 1970s Avon Stackable Birthstone Rings

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